Sunday, February 24, 2013

254. For Your Protection and Collection: SHEIK RUBBER TIN

 SHEIK SENSE. Boys, protect thyselves! A vintage Sheik rubber prophylactc rubber packaging tin, ca. 50s-60s.

Before condoms came in handy, individually wrapped sachets, they came in discreet tin packaging, like this Sheik brand of rubber prophylactics. The brand name itself was obviously inspired by the Rudolph Valentino movies that perpetuated the image of the perfect lover--passionate, insatiable and eternally amorous after each conquest.

As the package copy goes, Sheik rubber prophylactics "are made from thin, strong rubber and have been carefully tested and inspected for your protection. Be sure to ask for them by name--at your druggist." Introduced in the 1930s, the original orange tin featured an illustration of a sheik astride a white steed. In the 50s and 60s, the design was streamlined, and the Sheik illustration became just a white silhouette of the Arab lover on a red background.

Sheik rubber prophylactics were sold at drugstores-- 3 for 50 cents. A dozen will cost you $1.50, a savings of 50 cents! I bought this rusty tin at a local collectible fair for Php 100--which I thought was a bit too much, given its state and condition. Well,sex always comes with a price!

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