Sunday, January 27, 2013

251. Boxed: THE BUGALOOS

One of my favorite after-high school cartoons (yes, I was still into kiddie cartoons in high school!) was the TV show, The Bugaloos, produced by brothers Sidney Krofft and Martin Krofft, that aired from 1970 to 1972. The Bugaloos were a musical group of four British-accented teenagers, who lived in fictional Tranquility Forest. They wore insect-themed outfits with antennae and wings which allowed them to fly, and were constantly harassed by the jealous Benita Bizarre,played by comedienne Martha Raye, whom I keep mistaking for Phyllis Diller!. Well, what do you know, in 1971, Aladdin Industries came up with The Bugaloos lunchbox, and here's one that survived the trash bin. Forty two years old, and rusty on one side, it features Benita out to attack the singing band of bugs! Not exactly in great condition, but still good enough to churn again  those fuzzy, funny and funky memories of my dysfunctional childhood--when cartoons ruled my weekends and musical bugs were all I cared about!

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