Wednesday, November 28, 2012

245. Feeding the Kitty : CLAY CAT COIN BANK

Saw this very folksy clay cat perched on a shelf at the famed Grand Thrift Shop in Cubao, and I just couldn't resist it! It reminded me of those cheap Staffordshire cat figurines from the U.K.--but this local version packs a lot more charm with its expression and color! It is actually a clay bank, made in some local kiln, peddled and sold in the 50s or even 60s. Clay figurines such as these where very popular cheap gifts, and were available at any local market. A lot were also sold by ambulant cattle-riding vendors. There were clay pigs, clay fruits, clay vases, clay ovens, clay everything! -- all hand-painted with hardware paint.

This pussy cat with a sour grin looks like an ordinary, tail-less alley cat, speckled with yellow and black paint to simulate a kitty's tortoiseshell coloring. It stands rigidly on its base, ready to receive coins from a school kid (there's a coin slot on his back), but is unused, hence it's very good, almost purr-fect condition! It's getting harder to find these folk art clay figurines--too laborious to make perhaps, in this age of resin and plastic. Thanks for the meow-mories!

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