Thursday, June 14, 2012

226. A Jeep for Keeps: TIN ARMY JEEP

I'm not a big collector of tin toys, but when this friction metal tin toy jeep--in exceptional condition--I made a rare exception and bought it at once, even if a bit pricey. The Japan-made toy depicts a U.S. army jeep painted in the typical drab olive green color. Jeeps were used extensively in the last World War, so I found the idea of a Japanese manufacturer making a U.S. war jeep a rather interesting study in irony. This toy, dating from the 60s features two vinyl soldier figures, one driving the vehicle and the other, manning the machine gun mounted at the rear.
When the battery-operated toy is turned on, the army jeep moves forward while the gunner sways from side to side, firing at unseen enemies. I have seen similar tin army jeeps offered on ebay, in the range of $100 and up, and I don't regret getting this fine specimen that has a crossover appeal with WWII memorabilia collectors. Of course, you know what we did to the jeep--we closed it, lengthen it, painted it with bright wild colors, trimmed it with plastic buntings and added a stainless steel horse as a hood ornament. Voila--the Philippine jeepney! Now that's a real collectible toy!!


  1. Nice jeep.... I had a similar toy when I was young. Sayang nawala na at inanood na ng baha sa Malabon.

  2. Alex keep visiting Philippine Vintage Toy Collectors Page on Facebook! :)

  3. Oh yes, I check the cool stuff there every now and then!!

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