Sunday, February 5, 2012


Who has not played tried contacting the spirits of our dearly departed using the "Spirit of the Glass"? Outside of the Philippines, a similar device--The Ouija Board-- has been used for many years. Parker Brothers, a pioneering toy and game manufacturer since 1883, issued the Ouija Mystifying Oracle Board as a children's game. Although it is sold as a game, caution is advised in the use of a Ouija Board--lest some naughty spirit possess your body. Remember what happened to Linda Blair!

This is what's left of a Parker Brothers Ouija Oracle Board Game--just the game board with cool graphics and letters on which a planchette of plastic (now missing) rested and which moved around the alphabet to spell names, answer questions and mystifying queries by "yes" and "no". Haven't tried working this board--maybe a replacement glass will also work as a planchette--but I am not ready to be possessed just yet.

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