Sunday, January 23, 2011

160. JOCKO

I was rummaging at a recently-discovered thrift shop in Quezon City when I chanced upon this handheld pinball game with a great clown graphics (which reminds me eerily like that clown in that TV horror flick by Stephen King, "IT"). Made in the 1970s by Wolverine Toy (Booneville Arkansas) , the bagatelle game is made of plastic & metal it measures approx. 13" x 7" . I checked ebay, and the cheapest Jocko game (used, of course) is being offered at 4$, while the most expensive is $24.99. I paid Php300 for it--which I think was a bit too much, even if it's a working example. Sometimes, I just go too loco in my jocko.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

159. Boxed: THE OSMONDS

Take your lunch with Donny. Or Jay. Or Merrill. Or Alan. Or with the whole toothy Osmonds Bunch. This is a 1973 tin lunchbox made to honor the Osmond teen throbs that gave the Jacksons a run for their money. Still in good shape, despite some nicks and dings. The thermo is missing though. There's a rarer vinyl version featuring Donny and Marie, but this one looks better. In pristine condition, this lunchbox is worth about $75. Who cares if you have only a "One Bad Apple"? Take it to school in this spiffy lunchbox made by Aladdin Industries!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


A must-have music accessory for the 50s teen is this vinyl record carrier to store and tote 45 rpm records from one shindig to the next. The "Rhythm Tote" comes with 12 brown paper sleeves where one can slip in his precious discs of Frankie Avalon, Elvis Presley, Sandra Dee, Buddy Holly (..and don't forget those of our very own Diomedes Maturan and Bobby Gonzales!). Many of these cheap plastic teen stuffs were made in Hong Kong--I even remember a vinyl wallet version of this, complete with a mirror! American Bandstand and Dance-o-Rama--here we come!