Thursday, December 8, 2011


One of the first tin toys that I found at the old Makati Cinema Square is this wood and tin Intercollegiate Football. This is a pre-War toy put out by Hustler in the 1920s, and I understand the piece is still being reproduced today. I remember the price of this original plaything--200 pesos. I bought it but I have never figured out how it works as I have no patience reading the instructions at the back of the metal plate. There are spinning mechanisms and score dials that I can't simply comprehend. I have seen similar pieces on ebay, and the most expensive one is available at a Buy-it-Now price of $249! I bought it for the nice, strong graphics, and of course, for the nostalgia it brings. I may not understand the game of football, but I know a good antique buy when I see one.

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