Thursday, June 9, 2016

368. Advertique: '60s PEPSI 'The Big One" STORE SIGN

A well-preserved piece of Filipiniana merchandising for the other softdrink icon--Pepsi Cola. In the mid 60s, Pepsi came out with a bigger size bottle and came up with the solgan--The Big One--to describe it. A barong-clad Filipino holding a Pepsi bottle became the trade character of the campaign, always shown alongside the red-white-and-blue Pepsi logo. For just 12 centavos, one could enjoy the big taste of Pepsi--"Big size. Big value. Big refreshment"--so went the advertising.
The image and the slogan were widely used in print ads and merchandising materials, like this sari-sari store sign flange in good-to-fair condition. The frame of the the painted tin sign is still intact, and it dates from 1966. Of course, modern exterior store signs are now made of framed tarpaulin or canvass. Though lighter, they are less durable than this Pepsi tin sign that has managed to retain its vibrant colors after half-a-century.  And still to this day, everyone continues to enjoy "The Big One'--Pepsi Cola!